In the last post we talked about physical activity and how it feeds you. Rather than viewing exercise as an activity to counteract calories in, thinking about it as something that feeds your body, mind and glow sounds a lot better than a way to burn off that chocolate cake.

Next up in the fleet, the final boat is spirituality.  Get ready to connect with yourself!

Spiritual practice does not mean religion in the commonly interpreted sense. Anyone can have a religion. The real question is what is your community? What practice grounds you, and I mean really grounds you? What makes you feel solid and secure? Connecting with something out there or a group of people, a mindset, these are all spiritual practices and the rewards your peaceful self can reap are boundless.

I tend hesitate from using the word God when referring to spirituality as I cannot control interpretation. When your mindset isn’t necessarily fully open (yet) to the primary way of thinking a word like God and embracing Your God can make one run in the opposite direction of a church, or me! This is certainly not the point here in the quest for helping you embrace your primary primal needs. God, (this is the fourth time I have used the word) how does it make you feel? Anxiety? Pressure? I will remind you again, I am talking about God in a looser sense. without taking spirituality and understanding Your God lightly. Your God is whatever you are willing to surrender to. Not having your hands on the wheel at all times is the only way to truly embrace love and feel your happiest and healthiest.

Regardless of whoever or whatever you surrender to, your spiritual practice is meant to ground you so that you are capable of surrendering. If you aren’t grounded, well, the act of surrendering is in fact impossible. Here is a visual to help you understand how intertwined the two are: Think of surrendering while on a tight rope where you are likely to fall down (which is okay too but the goal is to put a cap on self-inflicted wounds). Then think of being on the beach with your shoes off surrendering, the soft has got you.

On my journey to understand the power of spirituality I found that that yoga incorporates both a physical activity for me as well as a true grounding (when I am present during the practice), and to complete the circle: a connection to a greater being that will guide me and is worthy of my surrender. Don’t get me wrong, there are days in yoga where I cannot surrender, I am not grounded and I am basically going through the motions.

This overview of primary foods is about building awareness to catch yourself and know where you might need a little tune up. I am able to break it down because I have sat and faced the reality of each part of these foods myself.  

Awareness, not fear, is a pretty spectacular thing.