Primary Food continued


In the last post we talked about Primary Food in the relationship sense.  Taking stock of your closest relationships with a kind eye and shedding light on what is awesome and what might be tough for you at this moment.  I think we all survived! Light isn't a scary thing but darkness sure can be.

Next boat in the fleet is Physical Activity.

We all need to move and I am not talking about just being on your feet all day working. Sure that is physical activity, but it is not the kind that gives you release. As working physical activity (even teaching yoga) isn’t all about you. Exercise doesn’t need to be daunting, you do not have to be training for a marathon, but if you are all the power to you. Physical activity is figuring out the kind of movement that you enjoy, that you look forward to and you can make a habit out of. Doing exercise that you do not enjoy is a sure fire way to not building and keeping a routine. This brings to light the concept of being your own detective. Having a trainer is great for accountability, some of us need it, but at the end of the day a trainer, yoga teacher or surf instructor is not as tapped into to what makes you tick. Only you are. Find the movement that feels good to you. Are you less stressed afterwards? Does your body feel more open? Are you full of endorphins? Do you have that glow? These are all signs that whatever heart pumping activity you selected is a good fit for you. You don’t have to be great at something right away either. Things like tennis, surfing, Pilates: outside of the element of natural ability, these practices require skill, repetition and learning both physically and mentally. Not enough time in the day to exercise? Too many errands, kids, work? Make it a priority to do what you need to do to make your body stay open, keep your heart healthy and the flow moving. Routines allow everything to fit in, and the willingness to adjust your routine, reevaluate it and have an element of flexibility (especially of the mind) will help you fulfill your fitness ambitions, not to mention your general response to everything that comes at you. Just like nobody feels guilty about saving money, nobody tends to feel guilty about moving their body in a way gives back more in the form of energy and focus.

So are you already moderately active? You would lknow best.  Do you already feel a sense of guilt overwhelming you?  Fear not! One day at a time here.  Start with a big glass of water. Hydrate. Then figure out an activity you are willing to stomach and when you can fit it in in the next two days without bailing.  Even a little gentle stretching will clear your mind to get you ready to go.

Next up in the fleet?  Spirituality.