Primary Food continued



Last post we talked about Primary Food, it's importance in our overall health and often ability to trump nutritional needs in the commonly interpreted sense.  We talked about the impact your career, whatever it may be has on your health.

Next boat in the fleet, Relationships.

Love boat coming through

Acknowledging that your relationships, both romantic and otherwise, have a massive impact on your overall well-being is step one. This is of course a scary step for some as relating to others can bring up so many underlying feelings and fear. Even in the best relationships you are in a constant dance, let’s say waltz, with other people’s needs, wants, issues and primary foods. Your relationships involve you relating to someone else’s bowl of goodness protected by their boats named career, relationship, physical activity and spirituality. Let’s hope we are all hydrated. Taking stock of your relationships is no easy task. Being objective about people you have feelings about may seem impossible but it will shed light on the things that you can be grateful for, things you can do your part to work on, or elements that are flat out not working for you. The beauty and beast of a relationship is there are many moving parts and none are perfect. A part that isn’t working for you can be non-essential, can be essential or can be something that becomes non-essential because the other parts are in flow and feel great. Being objective about friendships is being objective about relationships. Spring cleaning is not an activity based in malice, rather it is an activity based in self-care. Bless those that you can no longer give energy to; wish them all the consistent happiness that you wish yourself. This might sound silly but it takes perspective and a right mindset to turn anger into a blessing. Even if you have been wronged or something comes to the surface during introspection that you deem wrong, the most empowering move is to flip it into blessing and no longer put energy into something. Intentional energy is powerful. Use that love to build up your important relationships and allow them to blossom. Do not disregard the importance of intention and string along meaningless relationships. This won’t help feed you and definitely won’t help the other person. Someone no longer being in your inner circle is A. O.K. Privacy leaves room for breathing and time for your closest relationships.

Time to meditate on this again.  Then break out the pen and some paper and give some thought so some of your happiest relationships and what makes them feel good for you.  Give some time to the relationships that can or are triggering tougher feelings.  Just because they the thoughts are uncomfortable does not mean that are bad, but definitely worth acknowledging.  Don't be afraid of your thoughts! Take stock and decide what you would like to do.  Inaction is just as valuable as action.


Next up in the fleet: Physical Activity.