Oil Gargling also known as oil pulling or swooshing: This may seem like a strange concept but it works. I do not do this daily but know that some do it twice a day.  When I am feeling in a funk it is definitely something I do.  Funks happen, sometimes a lot and good habits that aim for balance are a step in the right de-funking direction. Fat loves to grab on to things so it makes total sense why someone would oil gargle. Try natural oil like sesame, sunflower or coconut and a few teaspoons are all you need.

In Ayurvedic practices, oil gargling is meant to balance your Doshas: being Vatta, Pitta or Kapha. We all have one or two Doshas that tend to be more prominent and have a great deal to do with what we need to eat, where and how we manifest pain and our general overall disposition. I would like to have my general disposition balanced please!

Anything that gently removes toxins is on your side as toxins cause inflammation. Taking care of your mouth , the place where all food enters and voices are used, seems like a responsible choice.

While the stomach is the place where most emotions are held, the mouth is the epicenter of action, take care of it.