I go through hazelnut phases where I both crave and use sthe glorious filbert in savory and sweet creations and then poof, I the word praline makes me run in another direction.

Last night I  had a glorious salad of kohlrabi and toasted hazelnut, reigniting my taste buds for the nut.  What to do when it is morning and not time for a full on treat?  Fall somewhere in the middle with a chocolate hazelnut milkshake.

I love to top chocolate treats with freshly grated nutmeg and a sprinkle of seasalt.  THis has been a tradition for many years and today was no exception.  Not a dessert, and defnitely not a leafy green blend, this one falls somewhere in the middle.


Chocolate Hazelnut Shake

30 grams Raw Cashews, soaked for 3 hours and drained

35 grams Raw Hazelnuts

1 gram Sea Slat

6 grams Lemon Juice

.5 grams cinnamon

15 grams Raw Cacao Powder (full fat)

60 grams banana

12 grams Deglet Noor Pittted Dates

350 grams Water

To Top:


Sea Salt

Orange Zest

1.  All in a Vitamix blender.

2. Blend and increase to high speed for 1.5 minutes.

3. Top milkshake with freshly grated nutmeg, orange zest and a sprinkling of sea salt.