Oatmeal is the answer.

With many dietary allergies and preferences out there in full force there is something that I can always count on: oatmeal.  Its naturally gluten free, full of fiber, easy to make, nourishing and is recommended by most nutritionists as an across the board, good-for-you go-to, in the morning.  Off grains?  Paleo personalities and Atkin’s aficionados are two of the biggest groups that would say no way to rolled or steel cut oats being the answer. I beg to differ!  Regardless of your diet disposition I am a firm believer that we should honor the whole grain nutrition of oatmeal.  While many whole grains are good for you, many can be difficult to digest. Not oatmeal.  Digestion in general putting you in a what do I eat tailspin?  I tend to suggest to friends and clients that if they want to fight the bloat they don’t have to cut grains entirely, just shift them to the front end of the day and make a cutoff at either 2 or 4 pm.  All of these stipulations still have oatmeal living in the green zone. 


Why is it the perfect backdrop?  Oatmeal is the ultimate and original blank canvas for all of your favorite tasty toppings and superfood sprinkles.  Need some potassium? Top yours with bananas.  Low glycemic antioxidant boost?  Blueberries are your friend.  Only have the frozen variety? Swirl them into your oats post cooking for a tie dyed breakfast.  Omega-3 start to your morning?  Walnuts have your back and are often overlooked, blending perfectly with the creamy whole grain.  Don't forget our classic cinnamon, for a sweet spicy sprinkle and circulation boost.

Cooking The Oats

Steel Cut Oats are a much larger grain than flaked and take a bit more time to cook.  My answer to this?  Soak them overnight in water so that cooking is easy in the morning. Or even cook them the day before, place them in a to go container and heat when ready to top and eat.

Steel Cut Outs

3 Parts Water

1 Part Oatmeal

Dash- Sea Salt

1.       Soak overnight.

2.       Bring to a simmer in the morning and cook until tender, stirring if you want creamy oats.


I personally love classic rolled oats.  There is something so comforting about them.  Rolled Oats are creamy on their own, always welcome a swirl of nut butter and are a go to even when I am not well.

Rolled Oats

2 Parts Water

1 Part Oatmeal

Dash- sea salt

1.       Bring water and oatmeal to a simmer.

2.       Stir from the bottom to prevent sticking and cook for 15 minutes.



On the run without breakfast? Oatmeal is served in more places than you think, from bodegas to cafes and every Pret-a- Manger around.  A to-go order fits perfectly in a coffee cup, so you can definitely make it work for you no matter where you order.  Did I mention it is the one breakfast item that is generally not overpriced?  Skip the pre-made,  pre-frozen breakfast wrap as your regular staple and switch to oats on the regular.