Late to a potluck picnic with nothing made.  In a pinch and a moment of clarity the answer came to me:

dress your own Avocado Bar

This trick is as much about presentation as it is about giving people what they want. Tasty, delicious, good for you avocado, dressed how you like.  

This avocado bar works great on a large board set out on table, on a piece of parchment paper or separated neatly with spice bowls and the like.

For all intensive purposes we will break this down in the minimalist setting: on a board or parchment, no side dishes required.

Avocado Bar

Half, pit and quarter avocadosleaving skin on

Place skin side down on a board

In the half moon of each avocado, place a wedge of assorted lemons and limes.

Along the border of the array of avocado slices place piles of your favorite spice toppings:

Sea Salt

Black Pepper

Chili Flake



Chipotle Powder


get creative

Include a flask of extra virgin olive oil for that delicious extra drizzle that we all crave.


Simple as that. You have an interactive, delicious, good for you entertaining staple that will please the masses.