Jumping for Joy- real talk


Living in a state of fight or flight, where your parasympathetic nervous system is activated, cue adrenaline, can result in adrenal fatigue when misused or in a repetitive state of misfiring.  Yes I am talking about being in a constant state of stress, anxiety, negative self-talk and worry.  Perpetual stress and stressful thoughts are often correlated to adrenal fatigue as well as issues with your nervous system.  When your neural networks land in a negative loop, having a real-time effect on your ability to process information.  Now cue feelings of being “down” or more seriously, clinical depression.  Your brain chemistry being off (low levels of serotonin and noradrenaline) is considered depression, clearly directly linked to how and what you think, as information processing also impacts the activity of your neurotransmitters in your brain.  What I am trying to say It isn’t all chemistry that medication can fix, it is you and your thoughts too!  

With a constant state of fight or flight, almost an inability to process information, your neural networks or pathways are affected and the way they interpret and process information is impacted, which inevitably can lead to mood disorders and depression. Think about having a panic attack if you have ever had one, cognitive functioning almost halts.  Now how about some good news here:  The fantastic part is that your neural networks are plastic and can be rebuilt. With a process of changing your thoughts, your thought patterns and healing your information processing, you can make real time lasting changes on your neural networks and happiness (or state of being). Improved neural networks are thought to improve or change the chemistry of the brain.  As a living professional, not a medical professional, I have two abilities here: the ability to read and study information as well as study myself!

One of the first tough parts of change is recognizing the unhealthy thought pattern loops and the next difficult part is actually changing the thought patterns. One must remove themselves or make an external change to the situations that illicit a fight or flight response in them. It could be the wrong relationship, or the wrong relationship at the wrong time, the wrong job, and I am not speaking about a bad day at work! These are prolonged situations in which your nervous system is in constant or regular crisis mode. 

Now don’t be afraid of a bit of stress! The ability to go from a sympathetic response to a parasympathetic state of being is healthy. That is the point of your nervous system, it allows us to respond and take action. The key is identifying healthy responses and placing giving ourselves as many opportunities to express healthy, peaceful and grounding responses on a daily basis.

Now where on earth does jumping fit in here! 

Rebounding, jumping, jumping jacks, you name it, these are all things that I have been incorporating into my life regularly with some fascinating results.  I have to believe, from first-hand experience, that jumping has an effect on my body energetically, my nervous system, my thought patterns and as an added benefit my lymphatic system. I often have pockets of what I can describe as “stuck energy”.  This may be a feeling of fatigue that is unwarranted, a bit of a temporary mental block in my mind, a heaviness in my body.  I have found that the shear act of jumping does so much for me.  My brain is required to move and think at the same time as well my body experiences moments of weightlessness, which immediately shifts any stuck thought patterns, heaviness or blocked energy. Jumping feels like a full body mental, physical and emotional workout.  Blocked or stuck energy also seems to manifest itself in my lymphatic system.  Which is essentially your body’s system for the movement of fluid and the elimination of toxins. When your lymphatic system gets clogged, you will experience inflammation in your lymph nodes which slows down the total body flow.  When your lymphatic system is flowing, you have a general feeling of lightness and energy which could have a big impact on your mood and ability to be present.  Jumping ignites the lymphatic system, igniting your ability to eliminate toxins and enjoy the happy “feels” of energetic flow.  All of this impacts me both physically and mentally. My thought patterns are immediately shifted and the more and more I incorporate a jumping routine into my week, as I am not saying I jump every day, the more and more I am able to reset and new thought patterns that do not serve me.  My ability to stay healthy and show up is a top priority of mine and lately what seems just as important is my ability to tap into my joyful state of being at any moment.  That joyful state of being is childlike, which I happen to think is most individuals actual nature before the life clutter settled in.  The blend of basic joy and being able to show up (be present) seems to allow someone (me) to grow more or evolve. This isn’t a sedentary state of forgetting your worries and being a kid again, this is jumping for joy!


Jumping Tips:


Simply rebound up and down in bare feet or sneakers.


Do jumping jacks for 5 minutes straight. You will be mentally and physically exhausted.

Pause for 60 seconds and repeat for another 3-5 minutes.


Get on a trampoline at a kid’s gym, backyard or fitness class for 15 minutes of weightless bliss




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