You might think, oh the humble panna cotta, I will pass.   I dare you to not pass and make this simple, ultra silky and soft panna cotta laced with orange and honey.

Your summer night just got seductive.

Panna Cotta

Makes 15

20 ounces Whole Milk

15 ounces Heavy Cream

8 ounces Fresh Orange Juice

1 tsp Orange Zest

6 ounces Honey

2 ounces Sugar

Pinch Salt

10 grams Powdered Gelatin

1.     Warm milk, cream, orange juice, zest, honey, sugar and salt until tepid.

2.     Whisk in gelatin. Blend using an immersion blender completely submerged.

3.     Portion into small glass bowls or tea cups (3.5 ounces each)

4.     Individually wrap and allow to chill in fridge overnight.

This panna cotta does not un-mold. Serve it right out of the tea cup.