This simple salad is an excellent reminder that salad is not a boring endeavor, nor does it need cheese, avocado and nuts to be brilliant. 


fun fact: often I will make peach recipes with nectarines . Why ? nectarine’s punchy flavor is favored by most even though they intellectually love peaches. Peaches really win either eaten whole and fresh (juice down your chin) or poached with furry skin removed.



1 cup mint leaves
1 lemon
2 T thyme olive oil (or add a pinch of thyme/ rosemary to your mint if using extra virgin olive oil)
3 nectarines
1 peach
2 cups snap peas
3 cups arugula
1/4 tsp salt + pepper

1. Chop mint finely on a cutting board.
2. Add mint to a large salad bowl with salt and pepper.

3. Squeeze fresh lemon on top of mint. 

4. Add oil and create a slurry with your (clean) hands.
5. Add fresh juicy sliced stone fruit first. Toss
6. Add snap peas and arugula. Toss