What is Primary Food?


Believe it or not what goes in your mouth is only a small part of what makes you feel great, healthy, grounded, present, mindful, whole, joyous, crappy, heavy, stressed, distracted: this list of whole body feelings can go on and on in both a positive or negative direction.The point of understanding what affects your well-being outside of purely nutrition from food gives you the power to catch yourself and refocus when you wander.  Think about what you eat as the center plate, or bowl of good stuff that you put in your body daily. I hope there are a lot of vegetables in there, tropical fruits, great grains, proteins and something that is your treat to keep things in perspective. Now imagine that bowl of fuel your body goodness, full of prana, is floating in a body of freshwater, as hydration is key. The boats patrolling that body of water are essential, protecting that bowl of life and allowing its ingredients to thrive and be metabolized.  There would be no flow to the system without these four boats.

Let's introduce the first boat in the fleet: Career.


 We all spend a lot of time working. Whether it is building our own business, caring for our children full time, or committed to a 9 to 5 ( make that 8 to 7), we often spend the majority of our day away from other influential elements and immersed in our careers. Take a moment and think about what you do. When you think about the work does it excite you or light a flame, or does it tire you to think about work? All things considered, are you generally looking forward to going to work? Do the good days generally outweigh the tough ones?... because those are inevitable too. Your career feeds a great deal of your self-worth and allows you to grow while building a business or impacting others through your work. Take a moment to think about a few things you are grateful for about your career, a few things you would like to change, and a few things that you are willing to live with. Believe it or not work can and should be rewarding. This is the area in life where I am not emphasizing that treats trump rewards.  Treats are essential but that topic isn’t necessarily part of a primary understanding of food. Being rewarded both personally and financially by your career feeds your soul, allows you to support yourself, your family and your interests that expand your mind. Sometimes you need to learn to change your perspective about your job and sometimes you need to put in the work to find a new opportunity. Whatever the choice, it is important to take time and take stock of your relationship with your career.

Take a moment to meditate on this.  Then get out a pen and some paper and go old school pro and con.  This practice is important for understanding a fear based thought about your career, resentments and some of the great things if you are in need of a perspective shift.

Lets go corporate here and commit to a Career reflection once a quarter.

Next up in the fleet: Relationships.